Real-Estate Tax Management

File Accuracy Verification

Info-Pro’s tax research team completes verification of the key pieces of data identified by the lender: parcel number, physical address and owner name.

Delinquent Tax Audit

At the conclusion of each tax year, Info-Pro’s skilled researchers report to the collecting tax agency whether our lenders’ parcels are paid in full or delinquent for the current and all prior tax years. If delinquent, the lender is provided the delinquent pay off amount through a specified period.

Escrow Tax Cycle

When tax bills are available, Info-Pro obtains the full year tax amounts and/or installments and reports these to lenders for correct payment on their escrowed parcels. The escrow real estate tax reporting helps tax agencies by ensuring accurate, on-time payments. This reduces the number of refunds issued on/for duplicate payments or payments made on the wrong parcel.

Tax Services Laptop 2

Third-Party Agency (TPA) or Escrow Payment Processing

In areas where available the escrow processing offering allows the office to receive payment for parcels en masse as opposed to one at a time.


Tax Agencies Sell Sheet


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“You’re always respectful of our busy seasons and don’t pester us with unnecessary phone calls. We all appreciate that in this office.”

Wisconsin County Treasurer

“I can’t say enough good things about Info-Pro’s impact on some lenders around here. We have fewer headaches from issuing refunds, that’s for sure.”

Indiana County Deputy Treasurer

“Your people are always so friendly when you call for tax information. My wife and I are still planning that vacation to see a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field by the way…just let us know when winter finally ends!”

Maine Town Tax Collector