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Property tax tracking

Info-Pro’s approach to real estate tax services puts equal importance on exactness and efficiency. With the help of our team’s property tax tracking expertise and industry leading Info-Exchange technology, we are able to identify and track liable areas in your portfolio. By overseeing important parcel information and payment history, our tracking services decrease the possibility of tax loss and ensure that all taxes are paid on time.

Current tax reporting

We give our customers quick access to current tax amounts, discount amounts, due dates, and required payment details, so they can process payments faster than anyone in the industry. It’s not just about providing timely information for our clients, we also promise to improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and decrease risk. Our reporting methods are both accurate and thorough, giving clients the important tax payment information they need for validation.

Portfolio verification

When it comes to finances, one simple mistake can lead to damaging repercussions. Info-Pro eliminates the risk for human error by verifying the tax parcel identification information associated with your mortgage loans and identifying all inaccurate information from borrower names to property addresses. Maintaining the accuracy of your tax data is monumentally important to us, which is why we work closely with trusted tax agencies to provide validated portfolio data through detailed, printable reports.


Because our customers’ success depends on the quality of our service, we go beyond providing basic tax information. Here’s how:


Info-Pro’s 3 on 3 match system verifies each property via borrower name, borrower address and parcel identification number or tax identification number, ensuring data integrity.


Info-Pro delivers reports faster than any other provider to ensure its customers can maximize the time available to process escrow payments, notify borrowers about delinquencies, and start the remediation process sooner.

Tax Delinquent

Info-Pro provides a free re-check for all tax delinquencies within 4-6 months of the initial check.


Real Estate Tax Services Overview




“In the past, we used 4 to 5 staff members to individually check each real estate tax bill to determine if the taxes had been paid on time—a time-consuming process that was not completely accurate. With Info-Pro, the job is done on time with 100% accuracy.”

Prospera Credit Union

“The process of delinquent tax tracking and paying taxes through the escrow function has saved the bank many hours of staff time.”

Marine Bank



“Prior to using Info-Pro’s real estate tax service, we used four to five staff members to individually check each real estate tax bill to determine if the taxes had been paid on time. As you can imagine, as a manual process, this was very time consuming and not completely accurate. Now with Info-Pro we know the job is done on time with 100% accuracy by dedicated employees. We are very pleased with the service and our auditors are confident with the results.”

Prospera Credit Union

“The customer service is great with the knowledge base they have, the help they give. Not to mention always wanting to improve their product.”

Carrollton Bank

United Community Bank Case Study

Community bank reduces cost and labor hours associated with delinquent tax

“I cannot say enough good things about Info-Pro. Their staff is so knowledgeable and I have a lot of trust in them.”

Awesome place. You can feel their passion to support the banking environment

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