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Insurance Services

Having loans with lapses in property insurance in your
portfolio can translate into damaging compliance ramifications.
We help you identify inadequate coverage so you can take
remediation steps.

RESPA violation penalties can be up to $500,000.

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Info-Pro provides insurance tracking services that create workflow and expense efficiencies while providing comprehensive risk management solutions. We use a consultative approach to identify and manage the unique insurance risks and needs of each lender and uncover lapses inadequate insurance coverage. When inadequate property insurance coverage is identified, Info-Pro facilitates communication with the borrower for remediation, saving lenders valuable time and resources.

Our commitment to exceptional real estate insurance services and ongoing program management give us the ability to effectively manage property risk and maintain the flexibility and client service borrowers expect. Lenders all across the country trust and rely on Info-Pro to relieve them from the costly and time-consuming administrative tasks associated with insurance tracking. We provide solutions that work, ranging from full blanket coverage to full outsourcing to meet each client’s individual business needs.


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“The programs that Info-Pro implemented at our financial institution have made an immediate impact to our organization through enhanced efficiency and reduced credit losses. We have also been able to dramatically improve our branch operational efficiencies by outsourcing the insurance tracking process.”

Financial Institution

“Info-Pro provides a comprehensive approach to managing the insurance risk in our loan portfolios. Our insurance tracking methods were time consuming and inefficient. Info-Pro was instrumental in the success of implementing a program that saved us time and money. We also feel more comfortable knowing that we are working with a company that will keep us compliant with the new insurance tracking regulations.”

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