Flood determination

Info-Pro offers professional flood zone determination services that provide lenders with the most up to date flood zone information as changes happen. We notify our clients each week, reporting new, actionable data for any properties located in a declared flood zone area. Our services are integrated with Loan Origination Software (LOS) platforms that simplify the flood determination order process. This improved efficiency means lenders can gain real-time access to flood zone information in accordance with government compliance regulations. Each new flood determination is automatically pulled from the Census Bureau and contains all HMDA data.

Flood monitoring

We provide a wide range of risk-reducing flood services to accurately identify properties in your portfolio that have lapses in flood insurance coverage. Since regulations are constantly changing, penalties associated with flood compliance are becoming more common. It’s increasingly important that your flood zone data is current and organized.

When flood maps are updated, we will provide new flood determination certificates free of charge and make sure customers are aware of the change that same day. Info-Pro also promises a monthly summary of all flood positive reports, but customers can request to receive their customized report more frequently if needed. Our flood services incorporate digital overlay maps for each flood positive report that show exactly where the flood zone intercepts the parcel, allowing customers to clearly visualize precisely where the issues lie.

Force-placed flood insurance

Info-Pro’s flood determination services also provide lenders with customized insurance coverage that give them efficient options for complete portfolio protection in the event of a flood. Explore our force-placed insurance solutions today and discover how we can help you avoid flood-related losses and penalties.


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“Info-Pro handles our flood determination and monitoring, and we really like that you get a map if the property is in a flood zone!!”

National Bank of LaGrange

“Info-Pro’s customer service is much better than our last vendor. The personal touch and willingness to help is excellent. If a discrepancy is found they are always willing to exhaust all research sources.”

Fox River State Bank
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