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A Business Case for Outsourcing Real Estate Tax Monitoring to Info-ProLearn about how Info-Pro stands above the competition and can deliver more to your institution.
Real Estate Tax Monitoring and Regulatory ComplianceAs the real estate loan process becomes more complex, it puts a large burden on your business to stay compliant. Implement policies and procedures to ensure accuracy and timeliness of tax information.
7 Questions for Smart OutsourcingDiscover what services make sense to outsource and how to find the right partners to effectively manage those services.
Only Up: Regulatory Burden and Its Effects on Credit UnionsWhile regulations on financial institutions are necessary, they can become burdensome, especially for small credit unions. Discover which regulations weigh on credit unions most.
How Banks and Credit Unions Can Use Technology to Improve Consumer LoyaltyUnderstand how technology can improve NPS customer loyalty scores of banks and credit unions.
Avoid Delinquencies & Lost PropertiesDiscover how Info-Pro helps lenders reduce risk and keep borrowers satisfied.
Why you consider tracking helocStreamline your HELOC tracking process to avoid delinquencies and reduce risk to your portfolio.
The Consequences of Inaccurate Real Estate Tax DataLearn the consequences of errors, and how to prevent them.
Info-Pro Holiday CookbookGet to know us better & steal our favorite recipes with our Holiday Cookbook!
The Importance of Planning Ahead When Outsourcing Real Estate Tax MonitoringIf you're considering outsourcing, learn how to ensure a smooth transition.
The impact of tax sales on financial institutionsLearn the risk tax sales pose to your institution and your borrowers.
Real Estate Tax Monitoring for Commercial PortfoliosLearn the importance of monitoring your commercial portfolio, and how to minimize risk.
Buyer's Guide: Flood Determination ServicesLearn the qualities of a great flood vendor, and see if yours matches up.
Tax Services & Tax Agencies: Better TogetherLearn how lenders benefit when their tax services works closely with local tax agencies.
How Working with a Quality Tax Servicer
Improve your customer service experienceImprove your customer service experience by working with the right property tax vendor.
What lenders can to to attract millennialsAttracting millennials might not seem like it should be that difficult, but understanding the financial habits and motivations of this generation will position your financial institution for decades of success.
The benefits for outsourcing for banks and credit unionsLearn how outsourcing administrative processes and monitoring can lead to increased capacity and profitability for your financial institution.
What is unrivaled customer serviceExceptional customer service is an asset to any organization, but how do you know if your service stands up to scrutiny?
Technology safeguards accuracyLearn how technology services like Info-Pro ensure accuracy, support lender portfolio integrity, and mitigate risk.
What happens when a borrower does not pay their taxes?Prevent tax delinquencies and gain peace of mind. When borrowers don’t pay property taxes, there are implications for everyone involved. Learn how you can prevent tax delinquencies before they happen.
Buyer's guide choosing a real estate tax monitoring vendorLearn how selecting the right real estate tax monitoring vendor can help you mitigate risk, increase customer satisfaction and properly allocate resources.
Overcoming the challenges of credit union growthLearn how to accelerate credit union growth and overcome the resulting challenges.
Is Your Vendor Minimizing Risk to Your Loan Portfolio
Is your vendor minimizing risk to your loan portfolioUncomplicate the lending process. Learn what goes into an efficient loan review process.
Overcoming challenges with internal processes during a merger or acquisitionUnderstand the impact a merger or acquisition can have on your internal processes, such as tax monitoring and escrow processing.
State of Data Technology In Credit Unions: The Sink-or-Swim Crossroad AheadLearn about the ways credit unions are failing to use technology, and what opportunities credit unions have to quickly incorporate technology "deep into their DNA."

Infographics & Checklists

Premium Recheck
Premium RecheckLearn how to center your focus on customers and improve institution efficiency.
Flood Determination ServicesUnderstand how flood determination services can help you mitigate risk and avoid flood compliance penalties.
Info-Pro Real Estate Tax ServicesImprove efficiencies with quick escrow tax services turnaround times and decrease your risk by verifying tax accuracy.
Implementation Made Easy
Implementation Made Easy: Real Estate Tax MonitoringLearn how Info-Pro makes onboarding easy on your institution.
How does Info-Pro help tax agencies?
How Does Info-Pro Help Tax Agencies?Discover how Info-Pro works with tax agencies to support their current processes to save them time and money.
The Info-Pro AdvantageLearn why we're known for having the most accurate, timely data and discover why our customers find our platform so easy to use!
Up-to-date contracts
The Importance of Up-to-Date ContractsSpot the compliance issues that come along with outdated contracts and discover additional sales opportunities you're currently missing!
8 Signs it's Time to Switch Real Estate Tax Monitoring and Escrow Processing VendorsThere are times when it makes sense to evaluate your current servicer and explore other options available. Learn more in this ebook.
What to Look for In a Vendor During a Merger or Acquisition
Checklist what to look for in a vendor during a merger or acquisitionIf your bank or credit union is going through a merger or acquisition, use this checklist to make sure your vendors have the experience to help you through the transition.
Know Before You Owe Checklist
Checklist know before you oweUnderstand the new TRID deadlines and allow for more time in your internal processes.
What to Look for In a Real Estate Tax Monitoring Vendor
Checklist what to look for in a real estate tax monitoring vendorOutsourcing your real estate tax monitoring can save your financial institution time and money. But not all vendors are created equal. Use this checklist to make sure your vendor has all the features you need.
What Financial Institutions Need to Know In Order to Attract Millennials
What financial institutions need to know in order to attract millennialsAttracting millennials might not seem like it should be that difficult, but understanding the financial habits and motivations of this generation will position your financial institution for decades of success.
To Outsource or Not to Outsource a Service
To outsource or not to outsource a service?Deciding to outsource services can be a difficult decision. We made a helpful decision tree to help you know if you should keep a service in house or outsource it.
New Revenue Streams for Banks and Credit Unions
New revenue streams for banks and credit unionsNew Revenue Streams for Banks and Credit Unions: See examples of different revenue streams to show how each revenue stream can be executed at your institution.
Overcoming the Challenges of Credit Union Growth
Overcoming the challenges of credit union growthOvercoming the Challenges of Credit Union Growth infographic examines issues facing credit unions and how to overcome them.

Case Studies

Dramatically Streamlined Process After Switching Vendors
Case study dramatically streamlined process after switching vendorsA community bank’s existing tax monitoring system was strained after multiple acquisitions. Info-Pro helps this bank streamline their tax monitoring processes while reducing labor costs.
Real Estate Tax Monitoring & Escrow Processing
Case study real estate tax monitoring and escrow processingIllinois bank realizes huge time savings and municipal fee reduction by outsourcing real estate tax monitoring to Info-Pro.
Real Estate Tax Case Study
Credit union case study real estate tax monitoringIndiana credit union reduces time spent on delinquent taxes by 75% and tax escrow processing time by 50%.
Associated Bank Case Study
Associated bank case studyAssociated Bank required a more proactive method to monitor and resolve real estate tax delinquencies for its commercial loan portfolio.

Product Information

Flood Determination and Monitoring
Flood determination servicesGet immediate access to flood zone information, mitigate risk to avoid compliance penalties and receive timely updates on flood zone changes.
Escrow Solution
Escrow SolutionReduce or eliminate tax processing fees, customize processes and reports and eliminate inefficiencies with Escrow Solution.