Manage diverse portfolios with ease.

Reduce the time and cost of loan servicing.

Growing portfolios are great for business, but handling the extra workload of property tax tracking is complicated and overwhelming—it can also be risky. Because we work closely with 26,000+ tax agencies across all 50 states, we help REITs, CDCs, mortgage servicers, and other non-traditional mortgage lenders reduce delinquencies with accurate, time-saving solutions.

Services that help keep your portfolios compliant.

Monitoring real estate taxes is a time-consuming task, especially with properties across numerous states and even more counties. It requires adhering to the unique processes and requirements of multiple tax agencies. That means there’s room for error, and data can often get misrepresented. This leads to delinquent property taxes, which can result in a lost property.

Our services, combined with the intuitive Info-Exchange platform, guide you through complex tax processes. You’ll maintain compliance and eliminate the risk of lost properties.

Hotel, windmills, apartment buildings, hospital building
“Since becoming a customer of Info-Pro their service has saved us many hours

of labor researching the status of our customer’s real estate taxes. Info-Pro is truly an expert in what they do, a trusted partner, and has unmatched customer service!”

– Midwest Certified Development Company

Streamline tax monitoring with an intuitive platform.

Our easy-to-use platform streamlines and standardizes property tax monitoring across all of your portfolios.

Check Tax Agency Info
We post the processes and requirements for each tax agency you work with to your account—so everything you need is online, on-demand.

Receive Email Notifications
Maximize efficiencies with smart email notifications that alert you when something in the system needs attention.

Get Custom Reports
Select from a variety of customizable reports, enabling each user to generate reports to support a specific task.

Generate Delinquent Letters
Delinquent tax statements and letters can be generated and customized to include your company’s branding.

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Which services are right for you?

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