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At Info-Pro, we guide you through the complicated real estate tax landscape to help you reduce delinquencies and ensure compliance. Our smart, intuitive solutions reduce the time and resources it takes to gather accurate tax information so you can serve your members better. You’ll protect your members, your institution and your reputation as well.

Relief from complicated real estate tax processes.

Mitigating risk and satisfying auditors is challenging amidst a continually changing regulatory environment. Inaccurate data and delinquent property taxes not only put you at risk for failed audits and lost properties, but distrust from members over unknown taxes and fees. Our solutions simplify this complex and often overwhelming task.

“In the past, we used 4 to 5 staff members to individually check each real estate tax bill

to determine if the taxes had been paid on time—a time-consuming process that was not completely accurate. With Info-Pro, the job is done on time with 100% accuracy.”

– Prospera Credit Union

Tell us your challenges. We’ll offer solutions.

Recommending the best solution starts with listening. Our talented, on-site team members work with you to understand your processes to help you effectively navigate the complexities of real estate tax tracking.

Leverage Our Nationwide Partnerships for Complete Data Verification

A single mistake can lead to damaging repercussions. That’s why the Info-Pro solution eliminates the risk of human error by verifying tax parcel identification information associated with your mortgage loans and identifying inaccurate information—from borrower names to property addresses. To maintain the accuracy of your tax data we work closely with more than 26,000 tax agencies nationwide to provide validated portfolio data through detailed, printable reports.


Industry-Leading Accuracy Ensures Timely Payments

With our extensive property tax tracking expertise and smart Info-Exchange technology, we help identify and track potential exposures in your portfolio.

We perform multiple checks on delinquent parcels annually. For every delinquent search, we verify Parcel ID, Property Address, and Owner Name. This is critical to ensure the correct parcel is being serviced.


Annual Delinquent Audit

We perform an annual delinquent audit on all parcels at the close of the fiscal year. Our goal is to return results within 60 days of the due date to reduce exposure to interest and penalty and potentially default.


Premium Recheck Options Available Upon Request

We’ll increase your risk mitigation efforts with additional delinquent checks on most at-risk loans in your portfolio. Info-Pro will recheck and refresh your delinquent results which allows you to focus on taking action to minimize loss.



Streamline Your Most Challenging Escrow Processes 

Manually collecting and processing escrow information is a tedious and time-consuming task. We simplify that process by bridging the relationship between you and numerous tax agencies. Our escrow services ensure you always know your portfolio tax amounts, payment due dates and amounts, and which tax entity to pay.

By using our intuitive Info-Exchange platform, you’ll have 24/7 access to the following:

  • Escrow Advisor workflow management solution
  • Escrow tax amounts
  • Tax agency payment instructions
Self-Serve to Full-Service Solutions

We can also collect tax bills when needed for payment and engage in bulk electronic payment processing. This takes all of the complexity out of the process, so you can easily submit payments directly to the tax agencies. And if you’re looking to put everything in the hands of our experts, we can collect escrow tax amounts, determine appropriate payment methods and process payments on your behalf.


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A platform that works for you.

We go beyond providing basic tax information with a smart, easy-to-use platform that streamlines the way you work.

Easy and efficient escrow processing. Our workflow management solution, Escrow Advisor, guides you through complex tax requirements. Get the information you need, right when you need it, to process real estate tax payments fast and accurately.

24/7 access to everything you need. With portfolio snapshots, custom on-demand reporting and more, Info-Exchange gives you quick access to current tax amounts, discount amounts, due dates, and required payment details so you can process payments with the industry’s most reliable solution.

Stay protected and compliant. Our innovative technology paired with secure data center operations ensures your data is protected and highly available.

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Which services are right for your credit union?

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Tax Services FAQs

Info-Pro provides an annual audit of tax delinquencies after the final installment date. We also provide a free re-check of all delinquent parcels to ensure the most accurate loan portfolio update. Info-Pro also offers up to four additional rechecks depending on your service level.

All delinquent audit results are delivered electronically through our secure website, Info-Exchange. Each lender administrator(s) will receive an email notification when results are available. Report downloads are provided in Microsoft® Excel format for easy reading and uploading.

Info-Pro provides integration between its industry-leading Info-Exchange™ technology platform and your institution’s core system (Jack Henry, FIS, Fiserv, etc.). It’s a seamless process for uploading tax escrow amounts.

Info-Pro provides delinquent tax tracking and escrow services in all 50 states across all taxing authorities.

No worries! Our friendly customer service team members assist each lender with providing the accurate data necessary to partner with Info-Pro. Lenders of all sizes have unique, required fields to satisfy their loan tracking preferences, and Info-Pro prides itself in supporting customers by providing the most accurate data verification available.

Info-Pro services all kinds of mortgage-related loan portfolios including, Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Consumer, HELOC, REO, Manufactured Homes, SBA, Single-Family, Multi-Family, and Retail.