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Achieve compliance

Achieve tax compliance. Minimize risk. Work more efficiently.

At Info-Pro, we help reduce delinquencies and achieve compliance with smart, intuitive solutions that significantly reduce the time and resources it takes to gather accurate tax information. By guiding you through the complicated real estate tax landscape we help safeguard your assets while serving your borrowers better.

Mitigate risk

Eliminate uncertainty—and risk.

Inaccurate data and delinquent property taxes can lead to failed audits and lost properties due to tax sales or foreclosures. More importantly, it can lead to distrust from your borrowers over unknown taxes and fees. With over $21 billion of real estate property taxes falling into delinquency each year, mitigating risk and satisfying auditors is priority one. And we have solutions to simplify this complex and often overwhelming task.

We listen to your needs throughout the real estate tax process.

Confident, innovative, smart and in control—we know how you want to work.

Recommending the best solution to help lenders reduce mortgage portfolio risk starts with listening. Info-Pro’s talented, on-site team members navigate the data complexities of real estate tax tracking. Our banking partners have loans in all 50 states, so we collaborate with more than 26,000 tax agencies and understand the extremely broad process variations across all states, counties, municipalities, and other taxing authorities. Your benefit? We develop sophisticated solutions that simplify your real estate tax services.

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“The customer service is great

with the knowledge base they have, the help they give. Not to mention always wanting to improve their product.”

– Carrollton Bank

“Awesome place.

You can feel their passion to support the banking environment.”

– Chris Schmidt, See Full Google Review

Info-Exchange. Smarter technology to help you process smarter.

The success of your bank relies on the quality of your service providers. That’s why we go beyond providing basic tax information with our smart, easy-to-use Info-Exchange platform.

Easy and efficient escrow processing. Our workflow management solution, Escrow Advisor, guides you through complex tax requirements. Get the information you need, right when you need it, to process real estate tax payments fast and accurately.

24/7 access to everything you need. With portfolio snapshots, custom on-demand reporting and more, Info-Exchange gives you instant access to current tax amounts, discount amounts, due dates, and required payment details so you can process payments with the industry’s most reliable solution.

Stay protected and compliant. Our innovative technology paired with secure data center operations ensures your data is protected and highly available.

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