We believe there’s always a smarter way to work.

In 1997, Louie Andrew Jr., owner of Wisconsin-based title company Guaranty Title Services, was approached by a customer who needed help monitoring real estate taxes. Seeing a clear business opportunity, Louie started Info-Pro with the goal of helping lenders across the country work more efficiently while reducing risk.

Today, Info-Pro has grown to be a market leader, serving several hundred residential, commercial and agricultural lenders nationwide. Through the strong leadership of the Andrew family, Info-Pro innovates with confidence, knowing the family is committed to keeping Info-Pro a privately held family-owned concern.

Team Planning

Setting industry standards for excellence, Info-Pro adheres to one of Louie’s key business philosophies—you must have the best people—people who are respected and appreciated.

This philosophy was instrumental in articulating our purpose: “We put people first, helping everyone work more efficiently, accurately and confidently.”

By collaborating and working to understand real needs, we build strong relationships and create solutions that help everyone work smarter. This process enables us to give lenders quality, time-saving solutions and responsive support, so they can manage loan portfolios with confidence and serve their borrowers better.

Growth and innovation define our past and shape our future.

Info-Pro is founded by Louis Andrew Jr. and his family, offering delinquent real estate tax tracking services.
Mortgage Services Corporation is acquired and begins offering escrow tax services.
Industry-leading Info-Exchange platform is launched, providing a simple, fast and more accurate way to monitor and process real estate tax payments.
Data exchange capabilities are developed, streamlining data synchronization with financial institution core systems.
Property Research Data, Ltd. is acquired, enabling us to offer flood determination services.
Premium Recheck is launched, providing additional delinquent searches on lenders’ high-risk parcels.
Info-Pro partners with Miniter Group, a leading insurance monitoring and lender-placed insurance provider.
The industry’s most comprehensive and easy-to-use escrow workflow management solution, Escrow Advisor, is launched.
Info-Pro launches their suite of Basic, Plus, and Premium Tailored Escrow Solutions.

Unrivaled service isn’t just a phrase.
It’s ingrained in our culture.

When we engage with our clients we notice a pattern in what we hear. “Your team is so helpful. Your solutions are so easy to use.” Doesn’t that say exactly what you should want from a service provider? Our long-standing commitment to put customers first enabled our success and is what will keep us a valued partner. It’s a promise we take seriously and is reflected in our mission statement, inspiring the way we work every day.

“Guide lenders through complicated tax processes with easy-to-use solutions and unrivaled support to safeguard their assets.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines unrivaled as “being better than everything or every one of the same type.” For the lenders we’re privileged to call customers, we aspire to be the partner that sets the benchmark for service excellence.

Service of that caliber is only possible with a team grounded in meaningful values—these seven guide our relationships and growth.

Info-Pro Core Values: Results-Driven, Teamwork Wins, Vision, People, Customer First, Growth and Integrity

Results-driven—We create value and deliver results

Teamwork wins—We are a team and respect each other

Vision—We believe in ourselves and innovate for the future

People—We celebrate family and have fun

Customer first—We deliver service excellence to delight our customers

Growth—We develop, learn and continuously grow

Integrity—We do the right thing always

By putting people first and acting with integrity, we shape a culture of respect and accountability. Together we develop, learn and grow to find smart solutions to complex problems—because when our team works smarter, so do you.