Mortgage Lien Release Services

A comprehensive solution to Satisfaction of Mortgage fulfillment for lending institutions.

Satisfaction of Mortgage Documentation:

When & How You Need It

Satisfaction of mortgage is one of the many responsibilities financial institutions manage. The process can be costly, stressful, and full of surprises. Info-Pro’s lien release solution ensures mortgage servicers’ compliance with all local tax authorities in the United States.

Compliant Document Generation Nationwide
Substitution of Trustee Services As Needed
On-Time Notary Signing & Document Submission
Borrower Notification Letter Fulfillment
Document Tracking & Real-Time Status Updates
Expert Workflow That Adheres to State or County Legal Requirements

Ensure Clear Title With Reliable Mortgage Release Solution

When a borrower satisfies the financial terms of their mortgage loan, the mortgage servicer is legally obligated to prepare a lien release so that the borrower can assume clear title and ownership of the property. These financial institutions can face strict penalties depending on the laws set by the local government in which the borrower took out the lien if the lien release documentation is not fulfilled.

Info-Pro’s mortgage lien release service provides peace of mind for lenders and their borrowers by making the satisfaction of mortgage process as seamless as possible.

Mortgage Satisfaction Service Value Statement

Info-Pro helps banks, credit unions, and mortgage servicers optimize their operations as well as their bottom line.

Outsourcing mortgage services to Info-Pro allows lenders to switch from a fixed to a variable cost structure. This way, institutions only pay for the work they need done.

Info-Pro’s seasoned task force is fully equipped with the latest technologies to ensure your mortgage liens are satisfied on time and in accordance with local taxing authorities nationwide.

Simply submit your work order to Info-Pro and allow us to do the rest. Count on us to ensure compliant document generation, notary signing, and on-time completion.

Info-Pro is prepared to meet you where you need the most help. Set up a consultation to discuss the needs of your financial institution and learn more about how we can improve your operations and your bottom line.

I am really satisfied with the process

It has been a big time saver. Previously, I would’ve had to research and find all of the forms from the different states to process the release. A big thumbs up for me!

– Colorado Lending Institution

Why Mortgage Release Services?

For over 25 years, Info-Pro has helped banks, credit unions, and non-traditional lenders maintain property tax compliance reliably and effeciently. Our customizable solutions ensure banks pay for what they need, and not what they don’t.
A mortgage servicer’s loan portfolio yields the best returns when lien releases are fulfilled correctly and on time. Handing this responsibility off to Info-Pro lets you make time for other important duties.
From managing escrow fulfillment to assessing flood zone determination, Info-Pro works with mortgage lenders at the beginning, middle, and end of the lien process. Count on us for expertise when it comes to your mortgage servicing needs.

Satisfaction of Mortgage Release FAQ

Info-Pro has standardized quality control measures that are monitored monthly. Info-Pro can also set customized QC rules for clients, such as by Release Type or Original Loan Balance.

Info-Pro works to ensure compliance is met on all orders as long as Info-Pro receives them within reasonable timeframes from the Paid in Full Date. Clients can be subject to fines and penalties if compliance timeframes are not met. Info-Pro provides transparent reporting into these Compliance turn times.

All you have to do is send new orders and expect status updates with completed, recorded documents. You will no longer have to retrieve images, generate/sign/notarize the release, or track for recording. Sit back, relax, and dedicate resources where you need them while Info-Pro ensures your compliance with mortgage release laws.

Info-Pro Mortgage Release Services, Inc. is an approved MERS Patron member. As part of onboarding, Info-Pro will work with you on how to request a Signing Authority Agreement and Corporate Resolution with MERS. Once those documents are executed, Info-Pro can prepare MERS releases for you.

Info-Pro can enable this feature as part of the Mortgage Release service. The letter will be on your company logo and have your company contact information.