Property Insurance Consultation

Being the best requires partnering with the best. That’s why we partnered with Miniter Group, an insurance agency that not only upholds our standards for service excellence but also shares our people-first values. Together, we help banks and credit unions across the country stay compliant with smart, time-saving solutions.

Protect against the costly risk of noncompliance.

Having loans with property insurance lapses can translate into damaging compliance ramifications. Miniter Group helps you identify inadequate coverage so you can take the right steps to remediate any noncompliance situations. Schedule a free consultation with Info-Pro and we’ll guide you to the right Miniter team member to ensure you get the right solution.

RESPA violation penalties can be up to $500,000

Take the work out of insurance tracking.

Save time and resources.

Get insurance tracking services that create workflow and expense efficiencies, along with comprehensive risk management solutions. When deficient property insurance coverage is identified, Miniter Group facilitates communication with the borrower for remediation, saving you valuable time and resources while quickly resolving the problem.

Right-sized solutions for your needs.

With options ranging from full blanket coverage to full outsourcing, Miniter Group helps lenders meet individual business needs. Their extensive knowledge of real estate insurance services allows them to effectively manage property risk while maintaining the flexibility and service borrowers expect.

Miniter Group

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