Getting Started with
Info-Pro is Easy

Step 1: Sales Process

Connect with a member of our sales team to learn more about Info-Exchange’s functionality, including a customized demo of the software, and receive support to help you make a decision. 

  • Discovery call
  • Demo
  • File analysis and solution presentation
  • Evaluate and decide
  • Prep for implementation
  • Signed contract

Step 2: Onboarding Plan Design

Your journey begins with an introductory call with your dedicated onboarding specialist. We’ll work with you to develop a detailed onboarding plan with achievable timelines and visibility into all key tasks to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Who + What + When + How
The Onboarding Process with Info-Pro Lender Services Pt. 1
The Onboarding Process with Info-Pro Lender Services Pt. 2

Step 3: Setup and Preparation

Your dedicated onboarding specialist will set up your Info-Exchange account and ensure first login success. Live webinar training will be facilitated for your team members. All portfolio data will be loaded into Info-Exchange in preparation for first product usage.

  • Account Set Up
  • Customer Training

Step 4: First Usage

First delinquent and/or escrow tax searches occur and will result in your first interaction with the latest portfolio data. 

  • First delinquent and/or escrow tax search

Step 5: Review and Adjust

Your Info-Pro account manager will request your feedback resulting from your first product usage and will work through any necessary adjustments for continued success.

  • Check-in + Feedback + Customize


Upon executing the contract, Info-Pro will begin implementation support immediately with a dedicated Onboarding and Data Analyst Specialist. Setup involves access to the Info-Pro system, participation in customized 1-on-1 webinar training, and preparation of the existing portfolio data file. This phase is typically completed over the course of 30–60 days. 

First usage timing is customized to your specific portfolio and its tax payment schedule. An implementation plan is designed to complete setup and execute internal change management of all functions in advance of first usage.

Info-Pro’s Compliance Narrative contains an overview of company history and direction as well as policies and procedures frequently evaluated as part of a sound vendor management review. This includes BCP/DR, information security, financial information, and more.

Info-Pro’s contracts are provided in Microsoft Word format to allow for collaboration in track changes mode for language requests, comments, and questions.

Info-Pro’s services are supported by its web-based platform and functions alongside any core system. We have customers on all major core platforms.

Info-Pro has data connections with all major core platforms designed to automate functions such as manual data entry. Upon kickoff of implementation, your designated Info-Pro Data Analyst will discuss data connection opportunities between Info-Pro and your core and will work with you through setup, testing, and implementation of the automation.