You can easily drown in the details of flood servicing work.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Flood zones can change without notice—and often do. While many institutions try their best to maintain compliance, it’s a difficult challenge and many aren’t confident they will pass an audit. Even worse, fines can be very costly—some climbing over $100,000.
We ensure you have the most up-to-date flood determination information so you can adhere to strict compliance regulations.

Smart solutions that streamline your flood determination processes.

Our experienced team guides lenders through complex processes by providing life-of-loan flood determination services, as well as flood insurance monitoring services.

Guidance in difficult situations.

When a property is unexpectedly located in a flood zone, it puts both the lender and borrower in a stressful situation. This creates a financial roadblock in the loan process and explaining the new insurance policy to your borrower is a difficult conversation to have. When faced with this situation, we help lenders handle the dispute resolution process by providing all the flood information needed and counseling them through the process of explaining it to their borrower.

Straightforward flood solutions that keep you in control.

Flood CertMap®
Always know the flood zone status of your properties.

Info-Pro offers professional flood-zone determination services that provide lenders with the most up-to-date flood zone information as changes happen. Proactive, weekly notifications report on new, actionable data for any properties located in a declared flood zone.

Real-time access to critical information.

Our services are integrated with your Loan Origination Software (LOS) platform to simplify the flood determination order process. This efficiency gives lenders real-time access to flood zone information in accordance with government compliance regulations. Each new flood determination is automatically pulled from the Census Bureau and contains all HMDA data.

We’re ready to help your institution maintain flood compliance.

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