Real Estate Tax

Info-Pro provides an annual audit of tax delinquencies after the final installment date. We also provide a free re-check of all delinquent parcels to ensure the most accurate loan portfolio update. Info-Pro also offers up to four additional rechecks depending on your service level.

All delinquent audit results are delivered electronically through our secure website, Info-Exchange. Each lender administrator(s) will receive an email notification when results are available. Report downloads are provided in Microsoft® Excel format for easy reading and uploading.

Info-Pro provides integration between its industry-leading Info-Exchange™ technology platform and your institution’s core system (Jack Henry, FIS, Fiserv, etc.). It’s a seamless process for uploading tax escrow amounts.

Info-Pro provides delinquent tax tracking and escrow services in all 50 states across all taxing authorities.

No worries! Our friendly customer service team members assist each lender with providing the accurate data necessary to partner with Info-Pro. Lenders of all sizes have unique, required fields to satisfy their loan tracking preferences, and Info-Pro prides itself in supporting customers by providing the most accurate data verification available.

Info-Pro services all kinds of mortgage-related loan portfolios including, Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Consumer, HELOC, REO, Manufactured Homes, SBA, Single-Family, Multi-Family, and Retail.


Yes, both our Plus and Premium service levels assist in processing online and alternate method agencies.

Basic mainly includes the gathering of tax amounts. Plus is everything included in basic but with the addition of tax bill collection and help with facilitating bulk payments. Premium is everything included in Plus but with Info-Pro serving as your sole vendor, making the property tax payments on your behalf.

The specifics will vary based on your service level. However, in general, Info-Pro will set you up with an Account Manager that will work with you to build your personal plan and set milestones and tasks. This will include getting you set up on our Info-Exchange platform and going through live shared-screen training. Info-Pro will tailor the solution to make it work best for your institution’s current processes.

We search and report amounts within 24-48 hours after them becoming available.

For Premium Escrow customers, in the event a refund is needed – such as when an escrowed homeowner accidentally pays their taxes in addition to Info-Pro – we will facilitate the refund by coordinating with the tax agency to get the correct refund amount back to the financial institution.


Info-Pro provides all HMDA data on its Flood Determinations. All information is automatically pulled from the Census Bureau.

Info-Pro tracks flood map updates daily. If a new flood-positive report is generated because of a map update, Info-Pro makes customers aware of the change that same day by providing a new flood certificate free of charge.

Info-Pro provides customers with a monthly summary of all flood-positive reports. Customer accounts can be customized upon request to provide more frequent reporting.

For each flood-positive report, Info-Pro provides a digital overlay map of the property to show exactly where the flood zone intercepts the parcel. This visual tool helps customers understand exactly where the issues lie.


No, Info-Exchange is a web-based system that does not need to be downloaded or installed.

Info-Exchange is hosted in data centers provided by AWS.
The data center operation is certified by:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II)
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • FISMA Moderate

Info-Exchange implementation follows best practices and standards for secure software solutions.

There is never an additional charge for training once you become a customer with Info-Pro. We work with you to offer tailored training during the onboarding process as well as over the course of our relationship. In addition to these tailored trainings, we offer quarterly refresher training sessions on various topics. Annually we also offer some form of in-person or virtual customer conference where we discuss any pressing training items.

Info-Exchange is updated on a daily basis as new information comes in from the tax agencies.

Tax Agencies

Info-Pro is a tax servicer for banks and credit unions. We monitor delinquencies within our customer’s portfolio in addition to reporting the tax bill amounts to the lender for disbursement. In some tax agencies, we help to facilitate the payment of taxes through a request and payment file or third party agency processing interface. Our goals are to help our customers make timely and accurate payments, reduce the number of refunds at the tax agency, and reduce your tax agency’s outstanding delinquencies.

Depending on the search, we would either need to verify the tax status or determine the tax bill amount on a number of parcels. We always research the best way to obtain the information so we can help to make things more efficient in your office. Some of our research methods include: ordering reports, sending faxes, calling your office, or obtaining the information from your website, if available.

Info-Pro typically searches and reports tax information using the three pieces provided by our lenders: parcel number, property address, and owner name. If one of these pieces was not provided by the lender, we may ask the tax agency to provide it (helping to ensure we’re reporting tax information on the correct parcel). We always strive to report the parcel number in the preferred format for the tax agency.

Absolutely. We flag our customers of any preferred payment methods the tax agency may have. This will include the correct mailing address, what to include with payment, and what payment methods are accepted.

You can absolutely refer them to Info-Pro Lender Services. We’d be happy to talk with them about the benefits of Info-Pro as their tax servicer and explain how we partner with other lenders who outsource all or a portion of their real estate tax monitoring and escrow tax reporting.