Escrow account management

Info-Pro provides escrow administration services in all 50 states, covering all counties and municipalities. Our integrated Info-Exchange platform works alongside leading financial services technology and banking software including Jack Henry, FIS, Fiserv and more to provide a seamless process for uploading tax escrow amounts with real-time information that’s readily available. We have the technical experience and knowledge necessary to manage your portfolio smoothly and safely, helping you through every step in the process. Our processing software tracks and automates balancing, exception management, parcel exclusions, and escrow designation changes.

Manual escrow processing of tax bills is a tedious undertaking. Info-Pro is the missing link that provides the important information you need when borrowers and tax agencies aren’t supplying enough efficient data on their own. We report accurate results for all areas of escrow account management so you can feel confident about your data and trust all parties involved with closing your escrow. Our nationwide Tax Agency Database consists of tax agency specific information including due dates, tax sales dates, treasurer contact information, and more.

By putting great emphasis on detail and clarity, our escrow administration services remain consistent with personal demands and mutual with all contractual agreements while avoiding tax agency processing fees.

Turnaround times are fast and precise for every escrow transaction. Info-Pro goes to great lengths to ensure that lenders get neutral, equal, and customized protection throughout the entire process. We understand that financial institutions and tax agencies vary in their payment processing methods, and we are prepared to customize your escrow account management needs.