Delinquent Tax Services

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Delinquent tax reporting

Our delinquent tax services provide a thorough analysis of both commercial and residential mortgage portfolios. Having unidentified delinquencies in your portfolio puts you at great risk, which is why Info-Pro’s delinquent tax reporting process covers every detail to provide partners with a comprehensive property status outlook, ensuring timely, successful tax payment.

Info-Pro is the most efficient delinquent tax reporting option for lenders because we protect mortgage portfolios from penalties and rising interest fees by providing annual audits with additional rechecks on delinquent borrowers. Our detailed, annual audit of tax delinquencies is delivered after the final installment date, and in addition to that, we also offer a free recheck of all delinquent parcels.

Delinquent audit results are delivered electronically through a customized, secure website which notifies institutions as soon as new results are available. If more frequent audits are necessary, Info-Pro can tailor the program to fit the specific requirements of your institution.

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