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Quality Focus

Exceptional quality is more than a standard for us. It’s our product. Each and every employee is committed to delivering top-notch information to our customers.

Customer Partnership

We are a customer-driven business. Our customers are our partners and we actively seek their feedback and involve them in decision making. We believe there’s nothing like first-hand customer experience and constantly look for ways to develop our solutions with the customer in mind.

Exceptional Employees

We hire great people who are energetic, motivated, and value-oriented. Our success as a company is a result of every employee’s integrity, initiative, creativity and competence. We foster a culture of dignity and respect that extends beyond our internal interactions to our customer relationships.

Life Balance

Our business has peak seasons but our dedicated team is always up for the challenge. When things slow down, our team enjoys a flexible work schedule.

Internal Communication

Open and dynamic dialogue is a way of life at Info-Pro. Every employee, regardless of position, makes a significant contribution and has a valuable voice. Our employees share opinions and ideas on everything from strategic initiatives to day-to-day tasks and we believe we are a better company because of it.

Responsible Conduct

Every aspect of our business is rooted in integrity, from internal working relationships to servicing customers.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for continuous process and productivity improvement in order to create a better and more efficient company that delivers faster customer value.

Financial Performance

We understand that our success is ultimately measured by profitability. As a company, we are committed to robust profitability in order to continually invest in new technologies and expand the business.