Our Company

Info-Pro was founded over twenty years ago, by our founder, Louis Andrew Jr., with the goal of helping lenders around the country be more efficient while reducing risk. We are now a leading provider of real estate tax tracking, flood determination services, and property insurance monitoring services.

Our History

Since 1997, Info-Pro’s mission has been to provide an unrivaled customer experience for lenders. From our early days as a regional provider of real estate tax monitoring services to today as a national provider of real estate tax monitoring, flood determination and insurance monitoring services to over 300 customers we still follow that mission.

Info-Pro has been helping residential, commercial and agricultural lenders of all sizes manage risk and reduce costs while improving operational efficiencies related to servicing their mortgage loan portfolio. Info-Pro helps our customers focus valuable time and resources on managing and growing their portfolio and less time servicing it. We provide real estate tax, flood determination, flood monitoring, property insurance monitoring, and lender-placed insurance services that give lenders the timely information they need to manage loan portfolios with confidence.

Mission Statement

The Oxford Dictionary defines unrivaled as “being better than everything or every one of the same type”. For the lenders that it has the privilege of calling its customers, Info-Pro aspires to be considered the vendor that sets the benchmark for excellence; the vendor that is better than all the other vendors that lenders work with. When our customers review their vendors and partners, we want to be at the top  of their list for satisfaction. We want our customers to wish all their vendors exceeded their expectations in the same way as Info-Pro does every day. The entire Info-Pro team, from the front line to the executives, passionately embrace this mission and as a result we consistently build long-lasting partnerships that create significant value for our customers.