Did you know that more than $21 billion of real estate property taxes become delinquent each year?

This means that reducing portfolio risk and successful CFPB and FDIC audits are top priorities for our company. We help you achieve compliance while reducing the cost of gathering accurate tax information.

Hundreds of lenders use Info-Pro to achieve compliance, and minimize cost, and minimize risk associated with the loss of real estate collateral due to inaccurate data and delinquent property taxes. On average, we help our clients save more than 80% in internal resource time normally required to gather this information.

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Info-Pro delivers real value
to your business:

Reduce the cost of property tax delinquency.

Efficiently and accurately identify delinquent tax and avoid noncompliance penalties.

Streamline the process of gathering tax escrow information.

Interface simultaneously with all tax agencies for payment in accordance with each treasurer’s unique formats, schedules, and specifications.

Eliminate data entry errors in mortgage files.

Verify tax parcel identification information associated with mortgage loans.


Since 2010, more than 200 lenders have been fined almost $3 million by the FDIC, OCC or FRB for non-compliance.

There are several flood related regulations that lenders must adhere to. While many institutions do their best to be in compliance, the truth is that they aren’t 100% sure they will pass an audit and the associated fines are costly.

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Info-Pro delivers real value
to your business:

Reduce the risk of having properties in a flood zone.

Quickly and accurately identify flood hazards directly from Loan Origination Systems.

Achieve compliance with flood regulations.

Find properties in your portfolio that have lapses in flood insurance coverage and ensure sufficient coverage in accordance with constantly changing regulations.


Know when property insurance lapses and be ready to address the associated risks

Lapses in property insurance create significant risk for lenders. Many banks allocate costly resources to monitoring insurance and when necessary, implement lender-placed policies to control the risk, but what happens when these properties aren’t identified before foreclosure, or worse yet, an audit?

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Info-Pro delivers real value
to your business:

Reduce the risk of foreclosure or failing an audit.

Improve the efficiency of your insurance monitoring process to address insurance lapses that create risk for your portfolio.

Ensure sufficient insurance coverage.

Eliminate underinsured properties from your portfolio and reduce the likelihood of delinquencies.


Transform your checking accounts into one of your most valuable products.

Checking accounts have become a loss leader and provide very little differentiation. In fact, studies suggest checking account profitability has decreased by 50% since 2013.

Our Checking Services changes that, making checking accounts a revenue generator for your institution. By adding services that consumers highly value, such as identity theft protection, you now offer a value-added solution for which consumers are willing to pay a fee.

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Info-Pro delivers real value
to your business:

Generate additional revenue

Checking accounts often are not profitable for financial institutions. Our Checking Services changes that, making checking accounts a revenue generator.

Boost consumer loyalty

By offering valuable services that your customers appreciate, you’ll increase loyalty—and retention.

Increase market share

In addition to satisfying your current checking account holders, you can use your new value checking services as a tool to attract new customers.


We aim to constantly grow our collective knowledge, experience, and businesses.

Tap into the knowledge and expertise we have developed by working closely with over 300 Info-Pro customers.
The Info-Pro community is where our customers can seek answers to questions or share ideas on best practices. We also welcome suggestions to improve Info-Pro’s best-in-class services.

Share Ideas

We want to hear from you! Many of our service enhancements have come right from our most important asset – our customers. Participate in the process by suggesting new features and commenting on your favorite ideas.

Find Answers

Have a tough question for us? Check out our FAQ’s and tap into the resources built from Info-Pro’s customer base. Or, engage directly with us and get answers from an Info-Pro subject matter expert.


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We truly mean it when we say that customer service is our top priority. When we have a great relationship with our customers, it means that they are better equipped to serve their borrowers in the best possible way. As a natural extension of more than 300 financial institutions, we think of our lenders’ clients as our own, and when we do the math, that’s almost 2,000,000 customers and counting! Our daily commitment is to provide an unrivaled customer experience for lenders, and with this in mind we measure our customer satisfaction by way of a Net Promoter Score (NPS).

NPS is an index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. Our score is 56, which puts Info-Pro in the World Class Zone of Excellence consisting of the Top 10% of companies alongside companies like Amazon and Apple. In the end lenders discover Info-Pro is more accurate, more timely, easier to use, a technology leader, offers a better experience, and is a better value then anyone else is in our industry. This is the Info-Pro Advantage.
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